1. Name Surname

: Seher SAV

2. Date of Birth


3. Title

: Arş. Gör.

Contact Information

: seher.sav@uskudar.edu.tr

4. Educational Background

Degree Department University Year
Undergraduate Psikoloji, Çocuk Gelişimi Üsküdar Üniversitesi 2019

5. Academic Titles

Degree Department University Year

6. Managed Master's and Doctoral Theses

7. Publications

7.1. Articles published in internationally refereed journals (SCI & SSCI & Arts and Humanities)

7.3. Assertions presented in international scientific congresses and published in the proceedings

7.4. Published international books or chapters in a book

7.5. Articles published in national refereed journals

7.6. Assertions presented in national scientific congresses and published in the proceedings

7.7. Other publications

Books published by national publisher

Book chapters published by national publisher

8. Projects

9. Administrative Duties

10. Scientific Memberships

11. Awards

12. The undergraduate and graduate courses given in the last 2 years

Academic Year Semester Course name Hours Number of Students
Theoretical Application
2020-2021 Spring  
2019-2020 Spring  

Created: 20.01.2022